Hi loves, my name is Danielle I am 17 years old and have always struggled with my body. This blog is dedicated to my weight loss and struggles. I also have a personal blog, but I am not giving that out on here. Remember that you're beautiful!

Ask Goals

I had McDonald’s today
Did I mess up? Yes
Am I going to quit now? No
Am I going to wake up in the morning 10 pounds heavier? No
Am I going to hate myself now? No
Am I going to feel like a failure as a fitblr? No
Has everything I’ve done gone to waste now? No
Am I going to lie about what I ate today? No
Am I going to lower my caloric intake for tomorrow now? NO
Am I going to beat myself up by working out till I feel like dying? Heck no
Am I going to do better tomorrow? You bet.

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Nothing makes me happier

Before 220lbs 
During 125lbs
How would you look if you lost 75 pounds?? This is a very inspiring weight loss transformation! She looks so toned, slim and fit even though she’s not provocatively dressed nor showing much skin.